7 beauty tips for dark skin tones

7 beauty tips for dark skin tones

Dec 08, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz

Everyone has a different skin type and skin tone that’s why there are different skincare routines and products categorised according to them. Today we will talk about dark skin tone why?

Black skin tones have a higher percentage of melanin compared to other skin tones. It’s not harmful but there are several skin issues that people with black skin experience like:

  •       Acne (Pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads)

  •       Pigmentation

  •       Discoloration

  •       Inflammation

  •       Eczema

  •       Melasma

  •       Seborrheic dermatitis (It’s a form of scaly patches that appear on the skin)

We will cover 7 top-tier beauty tips for black skin.

  1.   Maintain skin tone by drinking water

There is a study by the University of Missouri Columbia that proved that drinking two cups of water increase blood flow and helps even out the skin tone.

The golden rule of drinking water is eight glasses of water a day. When your body is hydrated your skin will automatically look plump. Water flushes out all the toxins from the body. To give your skin an extra dose of hydration you should use an alcohol-free toner. We usually prefer natural toners.

  1.   Look for dark spots

Now, the one thing that is very commonly found in black skin people is dark spots. You can still look for dark spots, you just need to know some tips and hacks.

To reduce or hide dark spots we will break this point with one skin care tip and beauty hack.

6 skin care tips to reduce dark spots

  •       Use broad-spectrum sunscreen like SPF50

  •       Add antioxidants to your diet

  •       Drink a large amount of water

  •       Apply turmeric on dark spots

  •       Exfoliate your skin

  •       Apply night cream

Beauty hack to hide dark spots

Step 1:

Wash your face with a good face wash

Step 2:

Moisturise your face

Step 3:

Apply peach-toned concealer

Step 4:

Apply light shade foundation

Step 5:

Set everything with translucent powder

  1. Choose a natural foundation for your skin tone

Picking the right foundation shade is the toughest decision. But thanks to beauty brands now they have expanded their foundation range of shades making it easier for you to find the right shade.

Black people should always choose foundation according to their natural skin colour. In order to find the right foundation shade you need to identify your skin tone first. This is the best way to pick the nearest shade according to your skin tone.

  1.   Use darker shades on your eyes only

If you are struggling with eye shadow color then here is a great tip for you.

 Use colors that are darker in color. Just play with color but choose the ones that are pigmented in color. Don’t use colors that are non-pigmented because they will probably disappear after some time. To make your eyes pop up you can use shimmers, glossy eye shadows, and liquid eye shadows. This will give your eyes a more vibrant and glam look.

  1.   Take caution of discolorations

Acne scars, dark spots, and big brown patches are all signs of discoloration or you can hyperpigmentation. No matter what your skin tone is, you need to take care of discoloration. Below are some of the common causes of discoloration:

  •       Inflammation

  •       Sun exposure

  •       Melasma

The best way to prevent hyperpigmentation is:

  •       Moisturise your skin

  •       Keep your hands away from acne, pimples, and whiteheads

  •       Avoid using chemical-containing products

  •       Apply sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun

  1.   Don’t Assume Your Skin Isn’t Sensitive

It’s not a rule that people with sensitive skin need to be cautious before applying at any time. If you continue to apply products without reading about their ingredient list it might be possible that it includes a harsh ingredient that could damage your skin barrier and your skin becomes sensitive.

Always remember one thing, sensitive skin isn’t a disease. So, no matter what your skin type is, you need to be careful with it, especially before using any product.

  1.   Wear clothes that complement your skin tone

Every skin tone is unique and they all have different color combinations that bring out the best in them! It has been seen that people with black skin look great in light pastel colors. Other than that, here are a few clothing colors that will look great on dark skin people:

  •       Lemon yellow

  •       Navy blue

  •       Vivid white

  •       Sky blue

  •       Jade green

  •       Dusty pink

  •       Red



 We hope that the beauty tips that are discussed in the article have helped you understand how to love your skin back. Everyone is beautiful the way they are.

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