8 Reasons Your Hands Looks Older

8 Reasons Your Hands Looks Older

Nov 18, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz

Getting old is a natural process. As you age, your skin will go through various changes. You will see visible signs of ageing under your skin’s surface, especially on your hands.

We care more about our faces than our hands. Today we will take a closer look and will examine what are the reasons that makes our hands look older.

  1.     Age spots

Age spots, also known as sun spots or liver spots, consist of flat, spherical blotches in your pores and skin that are brown to black in shade.

It commonly appears on the hand, chest and face. . The name is a bit misleading because an age spot does not only appear because of older age it is also caused due to ultraviolet (UV) ray exposure.


Age spots can be prevented by lowering UV exposure. Protect your hands by applying sunscreen every day. When deciding a sunscreen, here are some suggestions that you should keep in your mind:

  •       Use an SPF 30 sunscreen at a minimal
  •       Pick a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This kind of sunscreen presents both UVA and UVB protection.


  1.     Dry, scaly skin

Dry, scaly pores and skin is frequently seen with age, but it’s not necessarily inevitable. A lack of water and sleep can dry out your skin. Smoking can also make dry skin worse as it can take away all your skin moisture.

Poor blood flow can also result in dryness on your skin. Here are some other causes of dry scaly skin:

  •       Lack of minerals and nutrients
  •       sleep deprivation
  •       Lack of exercising
  •       Weather (cold dry air)


  •       In cold weather always apply glove
  •       Apply hand cream or hand lotion after washing your hands
  •       Minimise water-related activities like swimming, dish washing etc.


  1.     Wrinkles

Wrinkles increase because of collagen loss. The younger you are the more protein fibres will be present in your body. 

There is no specific way of losing these protein fibres. It’s possible that you may lose your collagen even earlier.


  •       Avoid smoking
  •       Minimise UV rays exposure
  •       Apply sunscreen every day and every two hours


  1.     Yellow nails

Your nails also can display signs and symptoms of premature skin growing old because they are also part of your skin. 

Nail fungus can turn nails yellow in coloration, different instances of yellow nails may be related to stress, contamination, or different underlying scientific situations.


  •       Stop smoking
  •       Do not use any harsh soap
  •       Do not apply alcohol-based sanitizer

If you notice any fungal infection seek medical help.

  1.     Sticking out veins

As you age, your skin will become evidently thinner, your veins will become more visible which makes your skin less youthful.


Veins become noticeable because of lack of blood circulation. Although, you cannot prevent your skin from becoming thinner but here are some steps taht you can take to reduce it :

  •       Maintaining healthy die
  •       Regular exercising
  •       Proper sleeping
  •       Stop smoking


  1.     Dry, brittle nails

Dry, brittle nails are a result of modifications in moisture levels. People who have higher levels of moisture in their nails have soft nails and similarly those who have low levels of moisture in their nails have dry brittle nails.

Dry nails can be due to:

  •       Low humidity
  •       Washing hands frequently
  •       Dry heat or dry air


  •       Moisturise your nails

Daily hand care routine

  •       Wash your hands with unscented cleaning soap or hand wash
  •       Use a sunscreen-based moisturiser that contain at least SPF 30
  •       File your nails to avoid nail breakage
  •       Wear gloves in cold dry weather
  •       Exfoliate your hands once a week
  •       Use a non-acetone polish remover

Common precautions

  •       Avoid smoking
  •       Drink plenty of water
  •       Exercise regularly
  •       Maintain a healthy diet


Moisturising and protecting your hands is necessary as it can lead to several skin conditions like eczema, winter itch and cold urticaria. No matter which season it is hand lotion is necessary to maintain your hands' moisture level.

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