Facial massage techniques that will make your face rested

Facial massage techniques that will make your face rested

Jan 17, 2023Zaryab Fayyaz

Facial massage is one of the best ways to boost radiance, plump your complexion, prevent wrinkles and boost lymphatic drainage. A good face massage can really put you to sleep. It’s only through the power of a touch, that we can relax, as well as lift and tone our visage. Like any other body part, our face muscles too get tight and hold on to stress. Indulging in massages is a great way to flush toxins and rejuvenate. 

Facial massage techniques

  1. Massage the Forehead

Place the thumbs on the temples and curl your fingers into the center of the forehead.

Slide the fingers of your right hand along the forehead away from the thumb to stretch out the skin. At the same time, pull the fingers of your left hand towards the left thumb. Move in this motion from left to right, repeating eight times. 

  1. Massage the eye area

Cupping your hands, place your index and middle fingers in between the brows. There’s a real pressure point here, where we hold a lot of tension, so you really want to press into this spot to release it.

Then, move along the brow continuing to push the fingers upwards, lifting and stretching the brow muscle as you go. Afterward, it should feel like your brows are a little higher than usual. 

  1. Massage the cheeks

Make your index and middle fingers on both hands and place them on either side of the outside corners of the nose. Press in and up to lift the muscle.

Glide the fingers underneath the cheekbones and when you reach the apple of the cheek, turn the fingers to point towards the ears, and glide all the way up to where the bone finishes.

Go back to the nose and repeat the process six to eight times.

  1. Massage the mouth

Place thumbs underneath the chin and the fingers on top, and press them together to put pressure on the muscle and start massaging the jaw.

Start to work your hands up the jawbone, pinching the jawbone as you go. When you reach the jaw joint, it might feel especially tight but hook the fingers into the muscle and massage in a circular motion six times. Then work your way back down the jaw towards the chin using the same technique.

If you have long nails, use your knuckles instead, gripping the jaw bone between the knuckle of the index finger and middle finger. 

  1. Massage the chin

Holding your fingers together, with medium pressure, pull the hands up the center of the neck rolling them right under the chin. 

  1. Massage the neck

Work with the opposite hand to the side of the neck. Press fingers up underneath the ear in that little node. It can feel quite painful and tight, as your neck muscles are constantly engaged. Massage right in there by circling the fingers six times.

Then glide the fingers down the neck into the collarbone. Repeat that four times.

Repeat the whole process on the other side. This stimulates the lymphatic system and makes sure it’s able to drain all the fluid that will be released by massaging the rest of the face.

  1. Massage the outline of your face

To finish off, gently press the forehead, then down the temples, up behind the ears, and down the neck, to again encourage lymphatic drainage.

To finish off, gently press the forehead, then down the temples, up behind the ears, and down the neck, to again encourage lymphatic drainage. 

Benefits of facial massage

1. Reduced Stress Levels

The relationship between stress and poor skin complexion is quite well documented. Stress affects our body negatively, increasing free radicals and stress hormones, which can damage the cells in our internal organs and the skin’s tissue. Stress does not only play a key role in acne development but in many other common skin disorders.

 Facial massages are effective in lowering blood pressure, and respiratory rate, and increasing the quality of sleep, all of which help decrease stress levels.

Another study from 2008, published in Biomedical Research, concluded that facial massages might reduce psychological distress and activate the sympathetic nervous system. 

2. Healthy and Glowing Skin

When we massage our face, we tackle the lymphatic system, stimulating lymphatic drainage, which facilitates toxin elimination. Lymphs play a crucial part in our health since the liquid secreted from lymph nodes removes toxins and protects our body. Moving tight muscles helps stimulate the lymph fluid to circulate our face. This will result in brighter and healthier-looking skin.

3. Tightening the Facial Muscles

Facial massages can help you tighten the muscles on your face, reversing sagging and loose skin, a common aging sign. In 2002, a study published in the International Journal Of Dermatology tried to answer the question of whether a rejuvenating facial massage is a bane or boon. 

The study questioned over 140 women on the various aspects, benefits, and side effects, and learned that around 50% of the subjects felt that their skin was tighter after the massage. 

We should note that, although face massages are a great way to increase blood flow and tighten the skin even further, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is far more effective.

4. Anti-Aging 

Sagging or loose skin is one of the symptoms of aging, which we now know facial massages can help with. But more than that, it can relax the muscles that cause stress lines. By stimulating and increasing circulation, we help our skin produce collagen and elastin.

When it comes to aging skin, maintaining collagen levels plays a key role in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Collagen is the building block of the skin’s tissue that is produced during the skin healing process. This process prevents imperfections from manifesting on the skin's surface. 

Caring for the skin and massaging it regularly might help prolong the aging process, and maintain a youthful appearance much longer.

5. Reducing Facial Puffiness

Stress, dehydrated skin, alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep, and many other factors can make us retain fluid and make our skin puffy. Luckily, massaging your face can take care of all those problems.  

As we mentioned, facial massages stimulate lymphatic drainage, which reduces swelling and inflammation. A face massage also increases blood circulation and oxygen flow to the muscles and skin. The massage can help drain fluid retention and reduce puffiness.


Facial massages are very helpful and have a lot of benefits. Above are some of the incredible facial massage techniques you can implement in your daily skincare. You don't need any fancy devices, such as a facial massage roller. You just need to learn the right techniques. 

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