How to choose the best hand cream for dry skin?

How to choose the best hand cream for dry skin?

Feb 27, 2023Zaryab Fayyaz

Finding a right hand lotion is like finding a caring partner that will stick with you in every ups and downs. In our daily routine your hands are constantly exposed to factors like cold, dry air in winter and additional sun exposure in the summer. These can make the skin barriers weak and lead to dryness.

The problem here is that there are so many options available in the market and it’s becoming very difficult to choose the one best hand cream for dry skin.

What actually causes dry skin?

  1. Hard water

One thing that many people do not pay attention to is the high concentration of minerals in your water. The minerals absorb a lot of your skin’s natural moisture. That’s why the skin feels “zapped” and super-dry after taking a long shower.

  1. Poor Diet

This may seem simple to you, but a healthy diet is very essential for a healthy glowing. A poor diet lacks essential oils like avocados, almonds and salmon which are very nutritious and keep the skin fresh and healthy.

  1. Washing hands too often

You might notice that your hands feel instant dry after being washed. That’s because some soaps contain chemicals and minerals in them that dehydrate the skin. In addition to that, remember the hard water? When it combines with dehydrating soap your hands will get extra dry.

  1. Weather

The one thing that we cannot change is the weather! 

Cold dry weather can strip off skin natural moisture and cause dryness and irritation on skin. To prevent your skin from weather change it is important to find the right hand cream.

What to look in a best hand cream for dry skin?

  1. Look at the ingredients

In any product ingredients play a major role. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the hand cream that contains maximum moisturising ingredients like, lanolin, olive oil, shea butter, and other ingredients that keep the skin hydrated and moisturise for a very long time.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Before using or buying any hand cream, read the ingredients carefully and make sure it does not contain any alcohol. This is because alcohol can dry out the skin over time.

  1. Healthy nails

Just like the skin on your hands, your nails also deserve a TLC (tender love care). That’s why you need a formula that does not only keep your hands soft all day but also strengthens your nails.

MaGéAu Naturel hand lotion is formulated to prevent nails from chipping, leaving cuticles feeling super soft.

  1. Check for anti-ageing solution

Not just the face, the hands also begin to age with age. The hands usually start to lose their fat and elasticity with time. The experts have shared that the skin on the hands has few sebaceous glands as compared to our face which means that our hands lose their moisture more quickly than our face.

MaGéAu Naturel hand lotion contains magnesium which protects your skin from the ageing factor and keeps your hands younger, hydrated, moisturised, soothed, and protected for a very long time.


Our hands go through a lot the whole day and that's why they also deserve the care and a good amount of pampering just like your face. One of the easiest ways to keep our hands soft and smooth is by using a hand cream.

If you are planning to invest it in a good hand cream, give a try to MaGéAu Naturel hand lotion which is made from 100% natural ingredients and offers a soft pleasant gender neutral smell.

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