How to take care of your hand cuticles?

How to take care of your hand cuticles?

Dec 12, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz

Have you ever thought about what the purpose of your cuticles is?

Well, they are not just part of your skin, they are there for a special reason. They act as a barrier that protects your nails. But we often neglect our cuticles and when that happens our nails become cracked.

Today we will discuss some of the tips that will help you pamper your skin so that your nails look natural, glossier, and strong.

What is a Hand Cuticle?

Cuticles are a thin layer of skin that is located at the edge of your fingers and toes which is called a nail bed. The job of the cuticles is to protect your nails from all types of bacteria.

What is cuticle damage?

The skin around your nail is usually very delicate. So, cracking and peeling off cuticles is very common which is known as cuticle damage.

Types of cuticle damages

     1. Type L

    In this type, the cell membrane complex structure which is located between cuticle cells just splits and the cuticle lifts up.

        2. Type E

    In this type, the fragile substructure of the cuticle cell which is called (the endocuticle) gets damaged and the rugged residue is just exposed.

    Causes of cuticle damage

    •       Using hand sanitizer
    •       Using nail polish remover
    •       Washing hands too often
    •       Not moisturising the skin

    How to prevent cuticle damage?

    The first and best step to prevent your cuticles from getting damaged is to keep your cuticles clean. And the simplest way is to soak your hands and feet in soapy warm water for 10 minutes twice a week. This will soften the cuticles and prevent them from infection, applying cuticle oil and using a massage cream will help to soothe them. By doing these steps regularly you will avoid having dry and cracked cuticles.

    How to take care of cuticles?

    Here are some of the tips:

    • Moisturise cuticles regularly.
    • Don’t bite your nails
    • Trim your nails regularly
    • Use a nail file to smooth out rough edges
    • Apply a nail hardener to help strengthen nails

    Cuticle Care daily routine

       1. Getting a manicure

      A manicure is a very popular beauty and skin care treatment for hands and feet. In this treatment, your nails will be cut, filed, and get shaped. You will be given a hand massage after which the cuticles will be pushed back and you will get tidied cuticles. Having a manicure every two or 3 weeks is ideal to keep your nails in shape.
      •   Only go to salons that have a state-certified license

      •   Before you start taking the services make sure that all the tools are clean and sterilised

      •   Check the quality of equipment

         2. Moisturising

        Cleaning the cuticles is just not enough; you need to moisturise them as well. And you can do that by applying a moisturiser daily which not only will keep your hands soft and moisturised your cuticles will be too.

        A good quality moisturiser will not only keep your hands soft and smooth skin but will also prevent your cuticles from getting cracked and peeling. Most dermatologists recommend thick moisturisers for the best results.

           3. Don’t bite your nails

        If you have a habit of biting nails then there are high chance that your cuticles can easily get damaged. How?

        Your mouth is full of saliva which is an enzyme that can break down the skin. When you bite your nails the saliva continuously touches your cuticles and they get infected.

          4. Steer Clear of Drying Agents

        One of the common causes of cuticle damage is drying agents. Washing clothes and dishes is part of our daily routine. But have you ever thought that the detergent and the dishwasher you are using contain very harmful drying agents that can make your hands dry and crack.

        Even the nail polish remover used to remove the nail paint contains acetone which can also make your hands dry. In that case, we recommend you to wear vinyl gloves before washing clothes and dishes which will protect your hands. And, when it comes to removing the nail paint we suggest you use natural remover which is lemon and vinegar.

        How to make a natural remover to remove nail polish?

        Ingredients you need:
        •       Lemon
        •       White vinegar

        Add two tablespoons of lemon juice in a bowl and add white vinegar in a way so that it would be enough to submerge nails into it. Soak the nails into the mixture for five minutes and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

        Should we cut the cuticles?

        There are many mixed theories when it comes to the cutting cuticles. According to Mayo Clinic and American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) advice about cutting cuticles is that you should never cut your cuticles. Because cuticles protect your nails and skin from infection. If you cut the cuticles then it’s very easier for the bacteria and germs to enter your skin.

        So, instead of cutting them just push back the cuticle and trim loose skin.


        Cuticles are an important part of your hands. They protect your nail area from infections and bacteria. Therefore, taking care of your cuticles is very important for your health.

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