January some do a vegan or dry (no alcohol) month

January some do a vegan or dry (no alcohol) month

Dec 24, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz

You might have heard about dry January if not then here is a short overview for you:

What is dry January?

Dry January means an alcohol-free month. It’s an annual campaign that was started in 2013 and is run by Alcohol Change UK worldwide. More than 4,300 people pledged not to drink any alcohol for the month. And yes, “dry” means giving up alcohol for a month, with no cheat days. People who are concerned about their drinking problem can take advantage of this time.

Benefits of dry January

  1. Skin looks brighter

Alcohol is known as diuretic, which causes you to pee more than you drink water. As a result, it becomes harder for your body to keep itself hydrated. And when your body will be dehydrated your skin will automatically become dry, cracked and peeled.

Alcohol has the potential to increase hormones like oestrogen and cortisol in your body which causes breakouts and other skin issues. According to research in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology toxins in alcohol can speed up skin’s ageing process.

  1. You'll sleep more soundly

A good sleep is very important not only for your health but also for your skin. You may notice that when you drink alcohol you will feel dizzy and you will fall asleep in a flash. But after a few hours later you will wake up for the toilet because of alcohol in your body. Alcohol Change UK reported that a survey after Dry January 2020 found 70% of participants enjoyed better sleep with another 66% finding they had better energy levels during the day. A good night of sleep can help you get up and workout in the morning.

  1. Saving money

By cutting from alcohol you can save a lot of money. Drinking can cost you daily from 5 to 10 even more depending on the type of drink. You can invest that saved money in other useful things. Those people who want financial improvement this year it is an easy way to reduce spending by cutting out alcohol.

  1. Strong immune system

There are several studies that have described that alcohol can have adverse effects on health specifically on the immune system. If you are a heavy drinker that consumes a lot of alcohol then there are high chances of acute respiratory distress syndromes (ARDS), sepsis, alcoholic liver disease (ALD), and certain cancers. Even moderate consumption can cause inflammation, pneumonia and predisposition and other infections. Therefore, if you stop drinking alcohol, ultimately you can make your immune system stronger.

  1. Learning self-control

The purpose of dry-January is all about leaving bad habits behind and starting a new year with good and healthy habits that could improve your lifestyle. Although, we agree that it’s very hard to change any habit but there is nothing in this world that you cannot do. You just need a little motivation and learn how to control.  Temptation is everywhere but by practising self-control you can strengthen yourself and can achieve anything.

  1. Less mood swings

Alcohol is a depressant which affects your brain's natural level of happiness that is why most people feel low, anxious and depressed after drinking. According to some people the major reason for drinking alcohol is to change the mood and forget bad thoughts or feelings. Well, you can feel relaxed for some time but the chemical changes in your brain will soon lead to negative feelings like anger.

By leaving alcohol you will feel a lot better. For improving your mental health we always recommend meditation and yoga.

  1. Hydrated with plenty water

As we mentioned in recent article, alcohol reduces the production of ADH which is responsible for managing water percentage on the body. When you drink alcohol the body starts losing its fluid and electrolytes and as a result your body becomes dehydrated.

By stopping drinking alcohol you can keep your body hydrated because then you will ultimately drink water or juice at parties when you will thirst.

Dedicate yourself to Dry January

Dry January is a challenge that brings people together and helps them stop their drinking habit.

At MaGéAu Naturel we help you by encouraging you to achieve your goals and adopt healthy habits which will make you the best version of yourself. Using the latest research and studies we have prepared the above tips that will help you make your personal journey better.

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