Ways to be Gentle to Sensitive Skin and Prevent Irritation

Ways to be Gentle to Sensitive Skin and Prevent Irritation

Mar 06, 2023Zaryab Fayyaz

Do you have sensitive skin? Don’t worry, we all have! It has been proved that sensitive skin is one of the most common skin concerns that affects 60% of the women and 50% of the men.  But the one thing that has been seen that no matter what your skin type is you can still have sensitive skin. The only way to protect your skin is to learn how to care for it properly.

What Is Sensitive Skin?

The term sensitive skin is used to describe the skin that is more reactive.

Symptoms of Sensitive Skin

  • Peeling or flaking skin in patches
  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Yellow crust on the skin
  • Open sores

Why do people have sensitive skin?

Well, there could be many possible answers to this question because some people are born with sensitive skin. Whereas on the other side, using harsh soaps and skincare products can also make your  skin sensitive. The weather also plays a major role in your skin changes so if you are experiencing sensitivity consult your dermatologist to identify the underlying cause.

How to take care of your sensitive skin?

Although similar skincare measures can be beneficial for all sensitive skin types, there are still unique characteristics associated with sensitivity in each specific skin type. So, here are some skincare tips, broken down below by skin type.

  1. Dry Skin

People often confuse dry skin and sensitive skin with one another because of their similar characteristics. However, dry skin formed due to lack of moisture in the uppermost layer and you feel your skin flaking. Due to the dryness you feel your skin tight and uncomfortable. If you have sensitive dry skin, you should prefer gentle skincare products that give your skin plenty of moisture.

    2. Oily Sensitive Skin

Oily skin produces an excess amount of sebum due to which your skin appears shiny and greasy, especially around the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin).This excess oil can clog your pores and can cause acne.  For oily sensitive skin we recommend using lightweight moisturisers that are labelled as “non-comedogenic.”

    3. Normal Sensitive Skin

Normal skin is described as skin that is neither too oily nor too dry. If you have normal skin and you feel that your skin is getting sensitive or irritated we recommend you to consult your dermatologist before using any product.

  4.Combination Sensitive Skin

Combination skin is a mixture of dry and oily skin. You will notice that your skin is dry in some areas and oily around the T-zone. When it comes to managing this type of skin, it’s important to choose a product that gives you hydration but keeps your skin oil free.

Dos and Don’ts of sensitive skin



Read labels

Harsh cleansers

Shorten Showers

Lather up

Test product on hand before using on face


Use fragrance free products

Rough and harsh clothing

Use non comedogenic makeup products

Exposing your skin to sun

Moisturise your skin 3 times a day





What to Avoid?

  • Chemical sunscreens
  • Exfoliants with large granules
  • Alcohol
  • Sulphates

Additional Tips for sensitive skin

  1. Use a gentle, non-foaming facial cleanser for dry, sensitive skin to remove dirt, oil, and makeup from your skin. Avoid using hot water, which can strip your skin of its natural oils, and opt for lukewarm water instead.
  2.     After cleansing, use a toner to balance your skin’s pH levels and prepare it for the next step in your skincare routine. Avoid toners that contain alcohol, which can be drying and irritating to sensitive skin.
  3.     Apply a moisturiser to your skin to hydrate and protect it. Look for a moisturiser for sensitive skin that contains ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin to help retain moisture.
  4.     Use a facial oil or hydrating skin serum to add extra hydration and nourishment to your skin. Oils and serums can penetrate deeper into the skin than moisturisers, providing long-lasting hydration and improving the overall health of your skin.
  5.     Protect your skin from the sun by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen for sensitive skin with an SPF of at least 30. Sensitive skin is more susceptible to sun damage, so it is important to use sunscreen daily to prevent sunburn and other forms of damage.


Sensitive skin can be particularly challenging to care for because it is prone to irritation and requires extra hydration. Therefore, when it comes to choosing skincare products for sensitive skin choose products that are designed to protect and repair the natural skin barrier.

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