What is a natural toner for a face?

What is a natural toner for a face?

Nov 17, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz


Looking for a toner that isn’t harsh for a skin and is 100% safe to use?

Then why not use a natural toner? Natural products are always good for every skin type and for every skin issue. MaGéAu Naturel will help you find the best natural toner for your specific skin type. So, let’s jump to the article:

What is a toner?

A toner is a skin care product that is like a water based solution that is mostly applied after cleansing the face. It  removes traces of impurities and helps to replenish, brighten and soothe the skin after cleansing. Also, it  prepares the skin for other skin care products such as serums, moisturisers etc. 


Benefits of toner

  •       Restores skin pH level

  •       Reduce appearance  of pores

  •       Remove excessive oil from the face

  •       Moisturise the skin

  •       Protects the skin from environmental factors

Natural Organic Toners

Let's talk about natural toner.Natural toners are the ones’ that are made up of 100% natural ingredients. 

Organic toner
Unlike traditional toners that contain a high percentage of synthetic chemicals, which makes the skin dry and damages your skin deeply. But natural toners contain plant-based organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin and cleans, cleanse and hydrate your skin.

DIY toners according to skin types

  1.   Dry skin

It's winter now, your skin can become dry due to a wide variety of factors, including a lack of moisture in the air. 

Dry skin

So when you are making a DIY toner, make sure that you choose hydrating ingredients. Talking about the hydrating ingredients, cucumber and aloe vera are one of the best hydrating ingredients that contains 90% of the water which keeps the skin moisturised. If you combine cucumber with aloe vera it gives extra hydration to your skin.


How to make the aloe Vera cucumber toner?

  • Take one cucumber and use the large holes on a box grater to grate the flesh of the cucumber.

  • Take one leaf of fresh aloe vera and exact the gel (3–4 tbsp)

Combine both ingredients and add some water and blend all the ingredients well until you get a watery-like consistency. Put the solution in a spray bottle and use it every morning after washing the face.

  1.   Oily skin

Oily skin wants more attention. Because your skin needs more, but less aggressive and rich care.It makes your pores look larger and your skin appears greasy and shiny.
Overproduction of sebum makes the skin oily. If the sebum plugs inside the pore it results in blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Oily skin

Lavender oil is the best natural ingredient that is not comedogenic and has both antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can fight acne-causing bacteria and keep oil production under control.

Lavender oil

How to make a lavender toner?

  •         Take a ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar

  •         Take ½ cup of any herbal tea

  •         10 drops of lavender

Mix everything together and store it in a bottle. Apply toner with a cotton ball, This toner does have a slight vinegar scent when first applied but goes away once it dries!

  1.   Normal skin

Normal skin is balanced—feeling neither too dry nor too oily , It is not prone to breakouts, flakiness, or feeling greasy or tight. People with normal skin typically have pores that are small, a smooth skin texture, and are less prone to sensitivity or blemishes. For them rich water toner will be most suitable for them.

Normal skin

Many beauty products use rich water solution in their beauty products as it contains a lot of nutrients, and antioxidants and rich in amino acids that slow down the signs of ageing on the skin.

Rice water

How to make a toner?

  •       Take three tbsp of jasmine rice

Soak them in cool water for at least 2 hours. You can also soak them overnight for best results. After the desired time, strain the water and pour the liquid in a spray bottle. Apply this toner and it will keep your face fresh and healthy.

  1. Acne skin

Acne skin type is very difficult to treat. You have to carefully choose the products for your skin because one wrong product can make your skin worse.

Acne skin


Talking about acne, apple cider vinegar is an astringent, which kills the bacteria and neutralises the skin’s pH level.

Apple cider vinegar toner


How to make a toner?

To make this DIY toner
  •         Take 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar
  •         2 tbsp. distilled water
Mix well both ingredients and pour the liquid into a bottle. Spray the toner on your face every day after washing your face it helps reduce the acne scars from the face.
  1.   Combination skin

Combination skin is the one that is dry at some places and oily at some places. That's why it is named as a combination skin because it is not fully oily and neither remove fully dry. Finding a good skin care product for a combination skin is quite difficult. 

Combination skin type

We have found that the best natural ingredient for combination is “cranberry.” Cranberry is a powerful antioxidant fruit that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that reduce skin irritation, redness and boost production of collagen. The rich omega 3 in the cranberry strengthens the skin protective barrier.

Cranberry juice

How to make a toner?

  • Take 2 tbsp. cranberry juice

  •  Add 2 tbsp. rose water

  • 1/2 cup witch hazel

Mix all the ingredients together this toner prevents your dry skin areas from drying without making your face oily. Pour the solution in the bottle and spray it on your face every day after washing your face.
  1.   Sensitive skin

The symptoms of sensitive skin are constant irritation, itching and redness. Using a natural toner is the better option for sensitive skin. To make a natural toner for sensitive skin you need to look for an ingredient that gives you a soothing and calming effect. 

Sensitive skin type
Aloe vera is the best ingredient that contains antioxidants that will not only hydrate your skin, but will also prevent any type of irritation.

How to make a toner?

  •         Take a ½ cup of aloe vera gel

  •         Take a ½ cup of rose water

Mix both ingredients together and transfer to a spray bottle or something you can easily pour out from and use twice daily. 


Toner is a very important skin care step that has a lot of benefits. There are plenty of DIY toners that you can make by yourself at home. Above we have suggested some of the best natural toners that you can use according to your skin type.

There can be a lot of hidden harsh chemicals in your normal skin care products that you are not aware of. Those chemicals can slowly damage your skin so it’s better to use the natural skincare products. Keeping that in mind MaGéAu Naturel products are made with natural ingredients and are 100% safe to use: MaGéAu Naturel hand lotion and MaGéAu Naturel Vegan Lip Balm SPF30. These two products will keep your skin soft, moistursed and hydrated for a very long time. Our hand lotion and lip balm combo will be your best partners for this winter so pre-order now and save 50% this November on your combo.


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