What is refillable beauty?

What is refillable beauty?

Oct 22, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz

Have you ever thought about what happened to those empty tubes and bottles that you throw away?

Some of the particles seep into the soil and over time they eventually enter the water and pollute the environment. And if plastic stays in the garbage it will release harmful chemicals into the surrounding. According to 2022 statistics, it has been seen that 68% of customers prefer sustainable packaging and products. This is one of the great ways to fight against global warming and make a plastic-free world.

By sustainability packaging we mean that is either refill or recycle. But one mistake that most brands make is that they think making a refill product or refill packaging is what sustainability is, which is not right. In order to understand the concept of sustainability do read our previous blog.

Today we will talk about the sustainability most important factor which is “Refillable.”

What is a refill?

If we look at its simple dictionary meaning then refill is something to fill again. The concept of refilling in the beauty or skincare industry is to fill a particular product in the same container for less price than the original one after cleaning it.
That is the reason, not every beauty brand and skin care product offers the refill service because they may lose profits. 

Is refill sustainable?

Yes, a refill is a great way towards sustainability. It will reduce 70% of carbon dioxide and save 65% of energy and water as well. Water and energy can be utilised at other sources.

People often think that pouches are sustainable packaging but it is wrong. Pouches are usually made from a mixture of plastics and aluminum. But it is difficult to recycle those pouches because they require a lot of energy.

Is refill packaging recyclable?

This is a very important question that is in everyone's head. The answer is yes!
Refills are made up of a single layer of plastic that is easily recycled with a very small amount of energy.

Are refills better for the environment?

Yes! Refills do not only reduce the heaps of trash that usually end up in the oceans. But they also reduce the cost of new plastic bottles and cardboard boxes.


We can proudly say that we are part of this sustainability community that offers refills and reduces plastic waste. We are taking some big steps for our customers to provide them with reusable and recyclable products.

At MaGéAu Naturel  we offer a free refill with a pre-stamped envelope at the delivery so the customer doesn't pay to send back the empty refill before purchasing a new one online. And, fortunately many more brands are starting to offer refillables.

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