When should I use lip balm?

When should I use lip balm?

Nov 13, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz

Today lip balm is an essential product that protects your lips from harsh environment and atmosphere. Lip balm creates a protective barrier on your lips and therefore is important against the aggressions we are facing in our modern lives. Now there are different types of lip balm available in the market but the most important question here is how often you should use it?

Well, this is what the blog is about. In this article, we will tell you how many times you can and should apply lip balm in a day.


A lip balm is a lip care product that is designed to protect and repair your lips. Though, the benefits of lip balm highly depend on the ingredients let’s start with the advantages of lip balm:
  •       Moisturise and hydrate dry lips

  •       Improve lips health

  •       Heal chapped lips

  •       If an SPF is included in the formula, acts as a sunscreen that protects your lips from sun

  •       Act as a lip primer

  •       Gives a glossy effect

A lip balm usually contains two active ingredients. One is a moisturising element and the other is a wax ingredient that sticks to the lips. Common moisturising elements that are used in lip balm are petroleum jelly, lanolin glycerin, and shea butter. Lip balm comes in different types of packaging from small tube-like lipstick to small jars where the use of your fingertip is required to apply.


People mostly use the term lip balm and chapstick interchangeably but they are different from each other. The first commercial word that was given to lip balm is “Chapstick.” However, both are used to keep the lips moisturised, soft, smooth and hydrated. In order to understand the difference read our blog lip balm vs chapstick


Lip balm is a very popular lip care product because it provides numerous advantages. Lip balm comes in different flavors and scents. There are also tinted lip balms that you can use to give your lips a naturally pink effect.  

Lip balm is a very convenient and easy-to-use product that is easy to carry in a pocket or purse. The use of lip balm should now be a "needed" step rather than optional in a morning and evening skin care and makeup routine.


In general, you would be correct to anticipate the use of lip balm or chapstick on every occasion you want Lip balm customers apply lip balm every day, more than one times, at several key moments all through the day:
  • In the morning once you wake up. Your lips are dry usually dry when you first awake. You will observe that mostly after a shower your lips will become dry so its is advised to apply it after shower and before going out. 

  • After every meal. Assuming that you devour 3 instances in keeping with the day, it facilitates the use lip balm after every meal. That is because, as you consume, you gradually lick your lips or in any other case get saliva onto your lips’ floor. This wears down the coating of lip balm that you have put on before, calling for a reapplication.

  • Before going to bed. Applying lip balm before sleeping will move an extended manner towards preventing your lips from drying out as you sleep. This is additionally important because the majority breathe through their mouths once they sleep, which has a natural drying effect at the lips.

Essentially, most frequent users placed on lip balm each time the previous layer would experience like it' is not there anymore. Lip balm lasts and protects most effectively up to 4 to 5 hours in general. Relying on the exact components, exceptional lip balms might also have recommended reapplication charges listed on their tubes or bins.


While keeping a sparkling coat of lip balm for your lips may be first-rate for maintaining them moisturised and searching extremely well, doing it too often can also produce troubles of its own.

For instance, in case you continuously apply extra lip balm in your lips, you might by chance begin licking your lips increasingly more frequently. This is specifically true in case you buy a lip balm with a pleasing artificial flavor.

The trouble comes while your saliva progressively dries out the pores and skin of your lips and gets rid of the lip balm layer at the identical time. It starts a vicious cycle wherein you have to apply extra lip balm because you maintain licking your lips, so then you want to use more, and so forth and so on.

If you sense “addicted” to lip balm, exercise simplest, applying it sometimes consistent with the day, or give yourself a ruin and stop the use of it in any respect for a few days.

The benefit of using MaGéAu Naturel is that it's vegan and contains SPF. Traditional lip balm usually contains chemical products but our vegan lip balm only contains natural ingredients and is chemical-free, healthier for the lips, protects the planet, and is not harmful to any animals. 


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If you still have any questions feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you. Thank you. 

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