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Mastering the 10-Minute Makeup Routine: Look Natural, Feel Confident!

Jul 01, 2024Géraldine Poukens
In today's fast-paced world, finding the time for an elaborate makeup routine can be challenging. Sometimes, you have no time for makeup, or you have a lot of meetings, or you just don’t want to look like you have makeup on – that’s where 10 minutes of makeup comes in. This brief tutorial will assist you in getting the most desirable look in a short amount of time while using makeup that does not overpower your best features. Instead, it enhances your natural beauty in a captivating way!

A Quick Makeup Guide to Prepare Yourself in No Time

Step 1: Get Ready Your Canvas

Preparation is the key to any good makeup routine. And it involves washing your face and applying some moisturiser on it. First, you should cleanse your face with a mild eco-friendly face wash that is not harsh on your skin. Lastly, apply a light moisturiser to hydrate and prepare the skin for makeup before makeup. That's all for primer, especially those that smooth the skin and extend the makeup wear.

Step 2: Balancing Your Skin Tone

For a quick and natural-looking base, try a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream if you do not want something heavy. These products give sheer coverage and a slight tinge of colour to give your skin an even tone. Gently rub the product on your face with your fingertips or a makeup sponge, paying extra attention to the areas that require more coverage, such as under-eye circles or the area around the nose.

Step 3: Conceal Imperfections

Conceal any pimples, dark circles or redness with a creamy formula of concealer in your skin’s natural undertone. It is recommended to use a small makeup brush or even your fingertip to pat the concealer on the areas of concern and blend it into your skin. The objective is to get an even coverage without the appearance of layers of product.

Step 4: Include Some Colour

Give your face and cheeks a liveliness by applying cream blush or sheer powder blush on the cheeks’ apples. To find the apples, smile softly and for the blush, sweep the colour upwards to the temples. For a natural finish, cream blushes are perfect. On the other hand, powder blushes are ideal for those who want a long-lasting finish.

Step 5: Define Your Eyes

For a fast eye makeup routine, first, use a light eyeshadow colour and blend it over the eyelids using a large soft brush. It adds definition at this stage but is not very pronounced, so it does not look like it has been overdone. Next, curl the lashes to open up the eyes, then apply one or two layers of mascara. Concentrate on the upper lashes to achieve that ‘wide awake’ look that is so flattering to any woman.

Step 6: Frame Your Face

Eyebrows are the finishing touches that complement the face when they are neat. Brow pencil or powder should then be used to colour the areas with little hair in the brow using the brow’s natural arch as a guide. Brush through with a spoolie brush to make the colour blend and set to make it look neat. If there is time left, fix it with a transparent gel for brows to ensure they remain set for the rest of the day.

Step 7: Define Your Lips

As you complete the 10-minute makeup, apply lip colour. Go for a lip balm with some colour, lipstick with a light shade, or a lip gloss for that added sheen. These are products that can be applied on the move, and their primary function is to hydrate the lips to make them healthy.

Step 8: Set your makeup

If you still feel that your makeup is already melting, you can use a translucent setting powder or a setting spray. This step assists in reducing shine and sets your makeup without making it feel or look cakey.

Bonus Tips for Efficiency:

  • Multi-task with Products: Select makeup items which have more than one use, for example, a moisturiser with a tint or a lipstick that doubles up as a blush.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: This way, the longer it takes you to complete your 10-minute routine, the shorter it will take you the next time you do the same routine. All you need is regular practice.
  • Keep It Simple: There is a need to improve the natural appearance instead of applying complicated procedures that take a lot of time and energy.

Wrapping Up

Learning to do makeup in 10 minutes is about enhancing your natural features in as little time as possible. If you follow these steps and consider these tips, you can look neat and well-groomed, suitable for a modern working woman. Just a reminder, makeup is a way of enhancing your beauty and should not be a task to suffer through.

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