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Prendre Soin De Vous Et De La Planète

🌟 Bonne nouvelle! MaGéAu Naturel est à l'honneur dans le magazine Gala! 🌟 Découvrez les raisons derrière la création de produits de beauté 100% naturels, végétaliens et éco-responsables, qui mettent en avant l'inclusivité et la santé.

Géraldine Au Naturel

Welcome to The Beautiful Blog, a digital haven where beauty intertwine with words, where Géraldine and Anne Staton talk about beauty as an inspiration and the importance of Sustainability.

Resilience And Sustainable Living

Sharong Gibson and Géraldine, both founders and entrepreneurs, talk about resilience. It is worth every minute.

Crafting Sustainable Beauty

In this episode, Esther Roche and Géraldine share their invaluable insights on navigating the complexities of setting up a product-based brand, from sourcing 100% natural and vegan ingredients to refillable packaging design.

Whether you're already in the world of beauty products or dreaming of launching your own line, this episode is for you.

Sustainability Could Start In Kindergarten

Ariane Leanza Heinz and Géraldine exchange on how 17 years of international and multicultural managerial experience in Beauty and Retail provide a leadership vision on marketing and sustainability decisions to determine the best customer and employee strategies. Orienting the development of the business in sync with the company’s values and targets enables it to thrive.