01 Purchase

Purchase online our 100% Natural Hand Lotion and Vegan Lip Balm SPF30.

02 Refill

Order a new hand cream refill online when about to be empty.

03 Return Empty Bottle

Send us for free the empty pump in the prepaid envelope provided on delivery

04 Subscription to Our Auto Delivery System

For more convenience subscribe to our auto-delivery scheme.


Resend the refill of our 100% natural hand cream for free. Order a new one for an even better price.

When your bottle is nearly empty, visit our website to order a refill. Send us the empty pump, and enclose it in the prepaid envelope provided on delivery, saving the outer glass packaging for future use.

Note: If you use the prepaid envelope, it is free for you to ship it back.

For us, removing the burden of waste from our customers is crucial. Therefore, the packaging has been simplified to the maximum by eliminating the outer packaging and printing the label directly on our hand cream.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, our products are made in Europe. The packaging of our hand cream is reusable and refillable.

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