What are the benefits of lip balm?

What are the benefits of lip balm?

Oct 19, 2022Zaryab Fayyaz

Other than the hand, lips are the most important and sensitive part of your body that gains the attention of people because they are visible to everyone and therefore deserve delicate care. Lip care is as important as skin care. Lips not only leave a good impression when you talk but also leave a memorable memory when you kiss somebody.

Now, if we take a look at what people mostly use there are two things popular in the market one is lip balm and the other is chapstick. Now, which is the difference between lip balm vs chapstick

Well, that is a different subject that we have already discussed in detail so you can check it out. But for today we will talk about lip balm. According to the stats, 65.9% of people use lip balm as a lip moisturiser for daily purposes.

Although lip balm seems like a very small product that can be carried in any pocket at all times, it does miracles on your lips. In this article, we will explore the benefits of lip balm so that we can see what lip balm can do on lips. Without wasting time let’s get into the guide:

Advantages of lip balm

  1.   Moisturise dry lips

The first and most well-known benefit of lip balm is moisturisation. The lip balm tends to make your lips soft. If you are the one who has dry lips, lip balm will instantly moisturise your lips.

Moisturise dry lips

Lip balm contains lip-soothing ingredients so using it regularly will help you restore your natural lip moisture. The lip balm also acts as a lip primer. Although there is no fix or the right time for applying lip balm here is a personal tip: apply lip balm in the morning and at night after brushing the teeth as toothpaste tends to dry the lips.

  1.   Heal chapped lips

Chapped lips are known as cheilitis and are a very common problem that is often caused due to cold, dry, or windy weather. Meaning across seasons and all year long. Sometimes chapped lips can be a result of licking of lips or an allergic reaction.

Heal chapped lips

Because chapped lips are the biggest turn-off while kissing, most people apply lip balm and lip glosses before kissing. Lip balm will restore natural moisture and will give your lips extra care and protection from a harsh environment. The lip balm will repair your lips and will make your lips soft and smooth.

  1.   SPF protection

The third benefit is the protection against the sun which not every balm offers but MaGéAu Naturel lip balm does because it's vegan and has an SPF 30 in it. The best thing about our lip balm is that it’s not a tinted lip balm so you can apply it regardless of your gender or before and after the lipstick.

Lips SPF protection

Sometimes you see hyperpigmentation around your lips which happens due to constant exposure to the sun. Using a Lip balm with SPF will form a protective barrier around the lips that will protect the lips from harsh rays and prevent your lips from drying out. That is why we always recommend using a lip balm that contains SPF in summer.

  1.   Exfoliate lips

The last benefit of lip balm that many people are not aware of is it can remove dead skin cells from the lips and will give you healthy pinky lips.

Exfoliate lips

Lip balm improves the texture and brightens the lips.


A lip balm is not only an important product in skincare but also completes every makeup look. The purpose of this blog is to tell you how beneficial a small product can be. Although there are so many different brands in the market offering similar products, specifically lip balm, here is how our product (lip balm) differs from others.

Our lip balm is gender-neutral and does not contain any chemical ingredients because that is the value of the brand and we do understand lips are the most sensitive and soft part of the body and therefore need special care and attention.

Other than all the benefits a lip balm can offer, it is small and portable. So, grab your hands on pre-orders that are starting from 1st November and become a part of our community.

If you still have any questions or need any advice feel free to ask. We will be happy to help you. Thank you. 

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