Are Hand Lotions Necessary?

Are Hand Lotions Necessary?

Nov 11, 2022Plabon Bhuiya

While we lavish attention on our faces, our hands quietly endure the brunt of daily life.

Indeed, our hands are often the most neglected and forgotten part of our body. But our hands also need TLC (tender love care). Applying any regular body lotion on our hands does not mean that we have cared enough for our hands. Our hands need a good quality hand lotion that is made up of natural ingredients and keeps our hands soft, smooth, and nourished all day. More and more we become aware of hand care and its importance, thus adding it to their skincare routine. Still, the importance and usage of a hand lotion needs to be reinforced. Here we are, sharing with you 5 reasons that will explain why hand lotions are necessary.

The Call for Hand Care: Why Hand Lotions Matter

Prevent Dryness

Ah, dry hands, this unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful feeling. No matter what season it is, dryness is something that we have to face. Sometimes because of the cold, dry air or due to our skin type and and sometimes dry skin can be caused when using a lot of soap, chemical detergents or hand sanitizers. 

To avoid dryness, we often use hand cream repeatedly throughout the day but it is not as hydrated as hand lotions. If you get confused by reading this statement and think that hand creams and hand lotions are the same then discover the difference here. “What is the difference between hand cream and hand lotion?

The skin of the hands is usually more sensitive because of excessive hand washing, constant use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and due to exposure of environmental and air pollutants. We recommend you MaGéAu Naturel hand lotion which is made up of 100% natural and vegan ingredients that will keep your hands clean, thanks to its soap, and make them soft, smooth, and hydrated while protecting and repairing your skin cells.

Prevent Skin Inflammation

Irritation and inflammation is real especially when using chemicals containing lotion, creams, soaps or hand washers leading to skin issues. Our skin becomes red and flaky and in the worst cases there could be rashes on your skin if you have sensitive skin. Using a hand lotion will not only keep your hands moisturised smooth and supple, using a natural hand lotion will reduce your irritation and prevent inflammation. If you use it frequently, your hands would become soft, smooth, and even-toned.

Combat Ageing

Ah, the tell tale signs of ageing – premature wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration. 

Our hand's skin is the place that shows the signs of ageing. The back of your hand is the thinnest and delicate skin of our body. Our hands are exposed to the sun as much as our face does. Hand lotion will protect our hands against the effects of ageing and boost our hand's moisture level to improve skin elasticity. The key to prevent ageing is to deeply moisturise our skin barrier for a long time. Wear 100% natural and vegan hand lotion with magnesium to protect your hands from an ageing factor rapidly.

Maintain Your Nail Health

    Let's not forget our faithful companions often neglected yet oh-so-important, our nails. Hand lotion is also very beneficial for hand nails. The area around our nails protects our nails from bacterial infections. Sometimes due to excessive hand washing our cuticles become dry, flaky, and easy access to bacteria. Especially when it is warmer, bacterial and fungal infections are very common. Using a hand lotion will keep our nails clean and prevent them from all types of infection. If you are suffering from any skin infection then you should prefer anti-bacterial hand lotions. Applying a good quality hand lotion will ensure our cuticles and nails remain nourished and look good, healthy, bright, and shiny.


      Last but certainly not least, hydration. Although this is obvious, this is the biggest reason that explains why hand lotions are necessary. As mentioned earlier, the back of our hand skin is thinner and there are few oil glands that can cause dryness. In comparison to that, the front skin of our hand is a lot thicker. Therefore, it is advised to use hand lotion that contains moisturising ingredients like Shea butter.

      Hydration Habit

      MaGéAu Naturel has the self-care that your hands deserve. Our hand lotion isn’t just hydrating but is also very comforting that you can apply it anytime anywhere because it's super absorbent, non-greasy and has a gender-neutral smell that anyone can use.

      So, take a minute for yourself and order our MaGéAu Naturel hand lotion that will protect your skin regardless of the season. We are offering 10% with the code MAGEAU10. Don't miss out on this opportunity.

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