Hand care routine for soft hands

Hand care routine for soft hands

Nov 16, 2022Plabon Bhuiya

In the realm of skincare, attention shouldn't be reserved solely for the face—your hands deserve a spotlight too and as much care. Your hands not only care for you but also extend love to your loved ones. We've previously explored lip care tips and home remedies for naturally pink lips, and now, it's time to lavish some care on those hard working hands.

Your hands play a major role in your life and taking care of them with an adapted hand care routine has a great effect on your daily life. Unlike the rest of your body, your hand skin is naturally resilient, better equipped to brave environmental factors. However, once damaged, the healing process can be lengthy, especially when tackling signs of ageing. Fear not; we've got what you need. We have compiled our top hand care tips to help you give your hands the love they need, leaving them forever soft and nourished.Dive and keep reading to find out more!

Elevate Your Hand Care Routine with These 6 Simple Steps

1. Soap or hand wash ingredients

Begin your ritual with a thoughtful selection of soap or hand wash by reading its ingredients list. Make sure to steer clear of harsh ingredients or chemicals that could damage your skin. 

Look at the soaps or hand washers that have mild pH levels. The higher the pH level will be, the more damaging it will be for your skin. Because they are 100% safe to use, we always recommend to use soaps that have low or mild pH levels . 

When reading the ingredient list, opt for products that contain glycerin, lanolin, Shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil. They will keep your hands moisturised , soft and hydrated for a very long time.

2. Washing

After choosing the soap or hand wash it’s time to wash your hands. Say no to scalding hot water, for it robs your skin of its natural moisture and makes your skin dryer. During the wash direct your attention to the palm side focus on the palm side as it harbours most germs and bacteria. Ensure a thorough cleanse between your fingers, leaving no trace of soap or hand wash behind because that’s where the soap is mostly found.

3. Dry your hands

Banish the harsh hand dryers, that make your hands even dryer, and embrace the gentle touch of a soft towel. Pat your hands delicately and gently, letting them revel in a caress of comfort.

4. Use alcohol-free sanitizers

Creating MaGéAu hand lotion in Covid-19 time made complete sense as alcohol-based sanitizers lead to dry and peeling hands. No matter how much moisturiser you apply, alcohol-based sanitizer repels the moisturiser. Therefore, it is advised to apply hand lotion after sanitising your hands or you can either use alcohol-free sanitizers that will protect your hands, offering protection against germs without sacrificing your skin's tenderness.

5. Moisturise

Regardless of the season, make moisturising a sacred ritual. Winter like summer, people will prefer to use a lotion like MaGéAu Naturel offering a lightweight and non-greasy texture with heavy moisturisers like shea butter. Now, according to surveys people mostly use either hand lotions and hand creams. Everyone’s hands have different levels of dryness, so when it comes to choosing between hand lotions and hand cream, having a lightweight texture with a fast absorption yet moisturising deeply, will make your life easier as your hands' skin will dry fast, leaving you ready to move on.

In the realm of confusion, our gender-neutral MaGéAu Naturel hand lotion is made up of 100% natural ingredients that will make your skin soft and smooth. Our hand lotion is non-greasy and will protect your skin and reduce all hand skin problems. Our main ingredient is magnesium which will replenish and soothe your skin and shield it from the ravages of time. Our hand lotion is gender-neutral which means everyone can use it.

6. Sunscreen

Your hands deserve equal defence against sunburn and premature ageing. Post-moisturising, it is recommended to apply sunscreen on your face and your body. 

Make it a habit—apply sunscreen to clean and dry skin 20 minutes before going out in the sun and reapply every two hours. Why 20min would you ask, it is the amount of time for the skin to absorb the sunscreen in order to protect you.

Extend this shield to your lips with our MaGéAu Naturel Vegan Lip Balm SPF30, ensuring they stay soft, smooth, supple, hydrated and moisturised. Irresistibly kissable.

Your hands, the silent storytellers of your journey.

Let's lavish some extra care and protection on our hands, to keep them soft and smooth. A daily rendezvous with a premium hand lotion is the secret to keeping your hands moisturised and hydrated throughout the day.

In addition to that, wash your hands with lukewarm water with a 100% natural liquid soap protecting them from harmful products and chemicals. Following a diet rich in proteins and vitamins will strengthen your nails and hands. 

Embark on this hand care adventure as they deserve nothing but the finest care.

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