Lip care tips

Lip Care Tips

Nov 15, 2022Plabon Bhuiya

In our daily beauty routines, lip care often gets relegated to the background. But pause for a moment: your lips, those delicate arcs of expression, deserve attention too. They brave the elements year-round, from the biting cold to the scorching sun, yet they rarely get the care they truly deserve.

Give your lips the care and attention they deserve. These days people are only focused on skin care routine and forget that lips are also part of their body. Lips are the most sensitive and delicate part of your body. Thus, just like your skin, your lips also need proper care.

Lips cannot protect themselves from any season because as the most delicate part of your body, they don't have the capacity to protect themselves from the harsh UV sun rays. With a minimum oil gland, they become dehydrated, chapped and dry much faster and quicker.

In order to maintain the health of your lips you need to follow a lip care routine.

Common Lip Problems

Think about it: your lips are always on display, whether you're sipping your morning latte or flashing that winning smile. Yet, they lack the protective armour of your skin, making them susceptible to dehydration, chapping, and even UV damage. It's time we gave them the love and care they've been silently craving for. 

Chapping, spitting, bleeding, and those dreaded cold sores—these are just a few of the challenges your lips face. But fear not, for every chapped or dry lip, there's a remedy at hand. From hydrating lip balms to embracing a few simple lifestyle changes, your lips can reclaim their soft, supple glory.

Chapping - Chapping can occur for any season. To prevent and treat your chapped lips you need to apply lip balm everyday. You need to use a lip balm that offers sun protection and contains elements such as vitamins A, C or E and AHAs.

Spitting - Your lips become dry if you spit a lot because the saliva makes the lips dry and chapped. Saliva is an alkaline secretion of water that is full of enzymes which is too harsh for our delicate lip skin. Licking your lips when dry air outside will take away your lips moisture. For this you need to apply a good moisturising lip balm along the day and before going to bed.

Lip Bleeding - This painful process mostly occurs with the growing age or during teenage years when your elastic tissues become weak. Your mouth will slowly start to lose its collagen and gain it again after.

Cold sores - Cold sores look more like blisters and open scabs. This is caused by viral infections. It is advised to use cotton swabs to apply and remove lipstick when you notice a cold sore.

8 Simple and Effective Lip Care Tips

When it comes to lip care, you should believe in the saying that “Prevention is better than treatment”. Once you lose the health of your lips, it will become very difficult to restore it. Besides, it will take a long time for the results to be visible. A slow, long and painful process.

Here are a few easy tips that you can follow to avoid that,

Avoid Repeated Licking

Resist the urge to lick your lips; it only exacerbates dryness. Remember, saliva is not your lips' friend

Lips don’t have their own personal safety. Everytime you touch or lick them, they will directly get affected. It is important that you do not make the problem worse.

Licking your lips seems like the natural thing to do when they start to get dry and chapped. This can actually make dryness worse. You might feel good and hydrated for a short time. But as soon as the saliva evaporates, it will make your lips drier. The enzymes inside the saliva are very harsh for your delicate lips.

The next mistake that is often made is breathing along with your mouth open. The moisture will strip when you heal dry air through the mouth. And the last is obvious. Don’t kiss anyone with an infected lips because the infection can also spread to your lips.

Incorporate Healthy Foods in Your Diet 

    What you eat matters. Load up on lip-loving nutrients like vitamins and minerals to keep your pout plump and healthy.

    Taking care of your skin goes beyond having the right moisturiser or routine, it requires a more holistic approach to giving your body the right nutrients.

    You can use a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients directly on your lips. For lovable lips it’s essential that you maintain a healthy diet.

    Stay Hydrated

      Drink up! Hydrated lips are happy lips. Ensure your body and lips stay quenched throughout the day.

      Staying hydrated is one of the important things for healthy lips. Just as your skin desires to be protected and hydrated from the inside, so do your lips.

      Remove Makeup

        Before hitting the hay, bid adieu to lipstick remnants. Let your lips breathe easy overnight.

        Your lips will breathe better when they are clean and clear

        Ensure that you remove all traces of makeup from your lips before you sleep because leaving lipstick can make your lips dry, chapped and even dark in complexion. Use a humid cotton pad and wipe your lips clean.

        Hydrate Your Lips Overnight

          Pamper your lips with a nightly dose of hydration. A swipe of lip cream before bed keeps dryness at bay.

          It has been noticed that when you wake up your lips will feel drier. This is because the air around you tends to dry out your lips while you sleep. 

          Therefore, it’s important that you keep your lips moisturised before going to bed. Applying hydrating lip balm before going to sleep, will keep your lips moisturised.

          Rub Down Your Lips

          Treat your lips to a daily massage with nourishing oils. It boosts circulation and keeps them in peak condition.

          Use nourishing oils and massage your lips for about five minutes every day. The blood movement in your lips will be improved and ensures that they get the needed nutrients.

          Scrub Your Lips

            Show your lips some love with regular exfoliation. A DIY lip scrub works wonders in banishing dry, flaky skin.

            Scrubbing your lips is essential to ensure they stay healthful and smooth. Removing dead skin cells is a must to ensure your lips remain soft and supple.

            If you don’t have your favourite lip scrub brand at hand, a homemade lip scrub will do. Simply just mix sugar with honey and gently massage it on your lips.

            Carry a Lip Balm

              Don't leave home without it! A trusty lip balm is your lips' best ally, no matter where the day takes you.

              You can never know in your busy routine when your lips will begin to dry out. 

              Make sure you have a very good creamy and hydrating lip balm with you anytime wherever you are travelling.

              The Promise of Soft Lips

              Just like your face skin your lip skin requires regular care and attention but we understand that in today’s modern world and busy routine it can be difficult to find time to follow any binding routine. 

              That is why one simple and effective solution is needed. MaGéAu Naturel Vegan Lip Balm SPF30 will not only keep your lips soft, smooth, hydrated and moisturised, but also protected from harmful UV rays. Our lip balm is a one-stop solution for all your lip problems. Also we are offering 10% with the code MAGEAU10.

              Don't miss out—place your order now and let your lips do the talking!

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