sustainability mean and why is it important in the beauty industry

What Does Sustainability Mean And Why Is It Important In The Beauty Industry?

Oct 20, 2022Plabon Bhuiya

In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty, words like “Green”, “Eco-Friendly”, “Eco-Conscious” and “Sustainable” have become ubiquitous in beauty product ads. But what do they really mean?

Let’s demystify the jargon and start simple. 

Sustainability in the beauty industry goes beyond mere buzzwords—it's a commitment to crafting products that minimise harm to the environment while prioritising the well-being of consumers. 

Green can either mean that the product is organic or is made up of all the natural ingredients. Always remember one thing: there is a difference between organic and natural. Organic products are the seeds that you grow and harvest while natural products mean they don’t contain chemicals.

These words should have a meaning, be used wisely and not just to promote brands without meaning it. Otherwise it is called green washing. Then what’s the point of using these words?

With the beauty trends and requirements, customer demands have also been changing and evolving. Now customers are more interested in and aware of the process than the product. Also, the natural cosmetic market has grown more rapidly than conventional cosmetics. Therefore aligning values with actions and fostering genuine change in the beauty industry is key.

Role Of Sustainability In The Beauty Industry

Now that you are aware of what sustainability means, let's take a look at why sustainability is important in the beauty industry and why it matters.

Environment Friendly

Sustainable products are environment friendly as they do not use any chemicals polluting or harming the environment. Moreover, sustainable products do not include any animal ingredients and are neither experimented on animals. Instead of wasting plastic packaging and polluting the environment, companies, such as MaGéAu Naturel, prioritise eco-friendly practices, ensure they offer refills and no outer packaging.

100% Safe To Use

Gone are the days of sacrificing safety for beauty. Eco-Conscious cosmetic products are all about harnessing the power of nature. 

The major reason why green cosmetic products are so popular is that they are made up of organic, natural, cruelty free and vegan ingredients. Exactly the reason why every skin type can use them without worrying about damaging their skin due to chemical products and ingredients. In the family, anyone with sensitive skin can also use them because eco-friendly beauty products will not cause any irritation or allergic reaction on the skin.

Eco-conscious and sustainable beauty do not contain any artificial colour or chemicals making it gentle yet effective for all skin types.

Long-Lasting Results

    Sustainable beauty isn't just a passing trend—it's a healthy lifestyle. 

    With healing properties derived from natural and organic ingredients, sustainable skincare products offer long-lasting results for healthy, glowing skin. Sustainable skin care products will heal skin problems with the help of natural and organic ingredients.

    Embrace the beauty of sustainability and reap the rewards of radiant skin for years to come.

    How To Make Beauty Products Sustainable?

    Herbal Oils

      When thinking about sustainable beauty formulations offering nourishment without compromising on sustainability, oils are one of the ingredients that come to mind. Coconut oil, argan oil and avocado oil are frequently used to derive fatty alcohols. These natural wonders serve as the backbone of sustainable beauty formulations, offering nourishment without compromising on sustainability.

      Agricultural Flowers

        Plants in sustainable beauty are providing oils and alcohols for eco-conscious formulations that deliver results without harming the planet.

        Soybeans, corn, and different agricultural plants are used throughout the cosmetic enterprise to provide oils and alcohol. Cosmetics like emulsifiers, surfactants, and biocatalysts are derived using these plant life, which can be cost-effectively and sustainably sourced.


          One example of a renewable useful active resource revolutionising the beauty industry and currently underneath development is the Deinococcus microorganism, a bacterium used to create aromatic substances and pigments for the beauty industry. These microscopic marvels represent a green future for beauty innovation. 

          A Greener Path to Glamour

          Sustainability is anchored as our #1 value which is why our beauty products are made of natural and vegan ingredients delivering a healthier glowing skin. 

          At MaGéAu Naturel, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products to encompass the planet and its inhabitants. From natural and vegan ingredients to eco-friendly packaging, we're paving the way for a greener, more glamorous future.

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